Monday, 24 January 2011


Today I went out with my mam for her day off, we visited a lot of the Asian Supermarkets in Newcastle (that beautiful gate up there is the entrance to Newcastle's Asian district, just behind it you can see some of the original town walls from the middle ages), and a few other shops and I bought a few bits and bobs.

First up the sewing kit was a gift from my mam, just as I was running out of black thread! Lifesaver! Next, I've decided to henna my hair. I'd like my hair to be redish, and I've chosen to go with henna because it's less damaging than chemical hair dyes and it was only 55p a box rather that the £5 my mam pays for her hair dye.

Beef flavoured noodle bowl (these contain no actual beef so I can eat them...YIPEE!), Tandoori Masala (I ran out of spices for currys, and I like buying mixes), pretty new chopsticks for Chinese New Year (I sometimes eat with chopsticks, but I haven't had any since I moved in with Kev)

The black ribbony thing at the top is a belt I plan on wearing with some of my jersey dresses, a green headbow which kind of goes quite well with the green in the tartan on the skirt I'm making, that at the bottom is a cameo hairclip, it's super cute :)

Bendy Rollers (I've never used bendy rollers before so I'm experimenting with these), thick false lashes with small diamantés on them and two pairs of knee high, neon tattoo patterned socks :D


Day 4: A video of someone you think has the perfect voice.

Siouxsie Sioux :)

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