Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday Round up: Tartans, and lace and art oh my!

This week has been very creative, I have been doing a lot more artistic things than usual and this is making a lot more happy than I've been :)

Monday- I mostly did things around the house and the weekly shop (I know *~* The Glamour *~* ). I did cook a stuffed pepper though, which was pretty awesome :)

Tuesday- Mam's day off, we hung out, ate soup, hunted through some of my old things to find things to use in new art (my mam is who I get my arty streak from, she has her own craft business at Celtic Moon Crafts  ), and I got my new sewing table!

Wednesday- I went to see Bloodmyer and we worked on our skirts. Oh and a man asked me for the time at the bus stop and then talked to a bush about Darren Bent for twenty minutes 0.0

Thursday- I finished off my skirt apart from the lace that I ran out of...Boo-urns!

Friday- I worked on some fabric designs for a friend. Unfortunately my lips are sealed. I'm not allowed to say what it is until it's available, just that it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself :D

Saturday- Charnel House annual meeting, so got to see some friends and find out the plans for the next year.

Today- Guess, no seriously...Guess...Lazy Sunday :D


Day 3: A picture of someone you think has the perfect eyes.

Brian Molko :)

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