Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday Feature: Frsickly

This week's Friday Feature is an artist whose work I have admired for a few years now.
Frsickly is a Surrealist artist from the United States, and his Deviant art page can be found here.


I first found your art via your tarot deck, what inspired you to create a tarot deck in the first place?

Sheer instinct, honestly, inspired me to start my tarot. Not much else.

A lot of the figures in your art remind me of the figure in Edvard Munch's famous paintings, pastel and Lithograph works entitled "The Scream", is this intentional?

The resemblance between my figure and the Scream is evident. It was never intentional. My figure also gets compare to the Scream mask, from the movies, Jack Skellington, and the tragedy mask.

Most of your figures, both in the tarot deck and in the mutations seem to be in a lot of pain or stress (Mutatons XLI, seeming to have literally tied himself into a knot) , is this based on any kind of experience or do you just like torturing your art?

It never used to bother me, torturing my art, but it used to be based on and out of a lot of pain. The tarot figures have always bummed me out on this front though, especially the sad ones (i.e. 3 or Arms, The Chariot, The Tower, 9 of Arms, 2 of Arms, 8 of Arms).

Your Tarot art also involves some very intricate pattern work, did this take you a long time to develop?

Overall, the patterns took a few weeks to design. They still change and evolve with every card that I draw.

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