Thursday, 20 January 2011

Goddess Book Page 5

Page 5 is about tearful Goddesses and Spirits, like the Banshee and La Llorona.
This relates to me, because when I was younger, a lot of bad things happened in my life all at once, and I spent a lot of time crying.
At the time, I struggled to see a way out of the gloom, but couldn't find one and so I was sure I would be weeping forever.
Weeping Spirits do cry forever, so even though I have passed out of that stage of my life, I still feel a little bit of a bond with them.
The quote in the corner is from The Weeping Song by Nick Cave, "But I won't be weeping long".


Day 2: A picture of someone you think has perfect hair.

Tori Amos :)

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