Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Handmade Skirt Progress Photos

Recently Bloodmyer and I have been making Lolita style skirts, mine is not quite finished, but it's getting there :)
I'm not wearing a petticoat in the pictures, because these are just progress shots.

Stupidly I underestimated how much lace I'd need, so there's a chunk at the back that's still missing lace, however I'm popping to the shop on Monday to get more, I have enough fabric to make a headbow to so I will get lace to trim that too :)
I still have a button to put on, and I need to press the seams and chop all the loose threads out, but other than that, it's done :D
Planning on taking some decent photos with a blouse and socks that go better when I do finish it.


Day 1: A picture of someone with your idea of the perfect skin.

Kate Bush :)

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