Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Round up and new meme

On Monday I frantically attempted to call and email uni to try and find out when I have to go cast my concrete...Nada...Zilch...No response FFS!

Tuesday I was almost caught out by a phishing scam! You know I've always said you'd have to be a bit dim to be taken in by them, but this one LOOKED EXACTLY like an email from Student loans, the email address was only one letter different, so when I read I didn't notice that, and it came the day my loan went in. It said that I needed to update my bank details so they could put my loan in, I clicked through and I was halfway through filling in my details when I spotted that the web address was totally wrong. Scary stuff huh? I googled and it turns out it was sent to a load of people from Leeds uni to and a few people were robbed because of it...Eep!

Wednesday I FINALLY got a one line email back from uni "I will let you know" *head desk* I can't get a job or anything until I know when I have to go back to cast my concrete :(

Thursday was my mam's day off so I went to visit her, we ate Indian food and watch Ghost Hunters :D

Friday I ordered my copy of (NSFW LINK) Filament, this is a magazine whose tagline is "for women who like hot men and intelligent thought", I also managed to order two back issues of Gosu Rori (11 and 12 I believe) and Gothic and Lolita Bible 11.
I also went to hang out with my friends Tia, Queenie, Ghost, Chris and Johno (and Kev of course :D) at Tia's place, the original intention was to play table-top games or poker, but somehow we ended up drinking copious amounts of wine and having Quaterstaff vs spatula fights in the kitchen 0.0 Odd, but very fun!

Saturday I was amazed by how fast my copy of Filament arrived! It lives up to it's tagline, plenty of very intelligent articles (this issue featuring interviews with Marina Abramovic and photographer Sita Mae Edwards, as well as articles about Slash fanfic and the relationship between testosterone and aggression... Of course there are also very pretty photos of man in make up *swoon* in some kind of circus scene (photo is work safe) preview and a rather nice chap in a bath full of feathers (doesn't he have pretty eyes!).
Saturday was also Charnel House night, where I danced, enjoyed music, had a cocktail or two and bought a new facinator in the Forever in black sale. (photos soon).

Today, well as often is, today is a day of rest for me, I've been watching some TV with my boyfriend, and we had a really nice meal that involved roasted vegetables :)


New 30 Post meme

The Perfection meme.

Everybody has a different idea of perfection, and it would be interesting to see what others would post for this meme, should they wish to play along.

Day 1: A picture of someone with your idea of the perfect skin.
Day 2: A picture of someone you think has perfect hair.
Day 3: A picture of someone you think has the perfect eyes.
Day 4: A video of someone you think has the perfect voice.
Day 5: A picture of the perfect outfit (outerwear)
Day 6: A picture of the perfect outfit (underwear)
Day 7: A picture of the perfect shoes.
Day 8: A picture of the perfect accessory.
Day 9: A picture of the perfect dwelling.
Day 10: A picture of the perfect garden.
Day 11: A picture of the perfect plant or tree.
Day 12: A picture of the perfect place.
Day 13: A picture of the perfect pet.
Day 14: A picture of the perfect room.
Day 15: A picture that involves the perfect colour.
Day 16: The perfect painting.
Day 17: The perfect car.
Day 18: The perfect animal.
Day 19: A picture that represents the perfect date (romantic)
Day 20: A picture that represents the perfect date (with friends)
Day 21: A picture that represents the perfect date (with family)
Day 22: A picture or video of the perfect memory.
Day 23: The perfect photograph.
Day 24: The perfect Weather.
Day 25: The perfect food.
Day 26: The perfect hobby.
Day 27: The perfect day.
Day 28: The perfect night.
Day 29: The perfect holiday.
Day 30: The perfect poem.

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