Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Gifts in the post :)

This morning the post man brought me a package full of gifts from my friend Sue in the US. It was a package full of cute :D

First up is a super cute Snowman notebook. The big huggy hands made me smile :D

Stackable Snowman pencils (I haven't had stackable pencils in years so this gave me a bit of a squee of nostalgia :D)
Cute blue flower bracelet, blue is my favourite colour so I intend to work this into an outfit fairly soon :)

Bow hair clips, these are absoloutly adorable :)

Very cute Penguin rings, not sure how I'm going to wear these yet, but they're so cute I know I'll find a way :)

Over the next few weeks I'm going to collect some little things to send back to her :)

Day 25: The most listened to song on your MP3 Player

Have you had anything interesting in your postbox lately?

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