Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Round Up: Plans, plans, plans!

This week has been pretty fun and creative.

Monday was my mam's day off work, we went shopping and I bought some henna for my hair because I felt like going red for a change.

Tuesday I went fabric shopping with Tia and Queenie, I picked up some great fabrics and a few patterns. We also went to see Black Swan.

Wednesday I dyed my hair and finished my skirt :)

Thursday I started drafting up the pattern for my next skirt, this one is gonna be a little more complicated than the first one.

Friday I finished off my Strathmore page and did some general housework.

Saterday I spent a lovely day with my Kev, it's not often we get to spend some real time together without one or other of us having something urgent to do, but on Saterday we spent most of the day snuggled on the sofa watching Southpark.

Today, we're mostly listening to music and doing a little housework, we also got some grocery shopping, kind of boring, but that's how it is.

Next week I'm planning on working on switching my webshop over to Facebook (I make jewellery sometimes, I currently have it on a site that doesn't support international shipping, but I found a Facebook app that will let me sell via Facebook).
Gonna work on my next skirt.
I'm also planning on starting to film some of my art while I make it, I currently only have the film setting on my digi cam so the quality won't be great, but my mam has promised me her old video camera once she gets an infa-red lamp for her new one :)

Day 9: A picture of the perfect dwelling.

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