Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Stigmata inspired skirt (and kitty photos)

For this skirt I was inspired by the Japanese Gothic brand Stigmata.
Stigmata use a lot of raw edges and distressed fabrics, and I wanted to bring a little of this feel to a Lolita style, tiered skirt.

(My apologies for the cat hair Stirfry decided he wanted to be in the photo and I had to keep coaxing him out of shot).
Almost all of the joins are raw edged, ok it's not as extreme as actual Stigmata but I didn't want to rip into the fabric, I'm happier letting it "age" a little as I wear it.

Ruffle close up :)

(weird lighting in my mam's living room makes my hair look brown *grumble*)
Obviously not a Lolita co-ord, but I wanted to show you what it looks like worn (worn here with a small Forever in Black petticoat).
I actually have plans for a Lolita/Lolita inspired co-ord on Saturday for Charnel House, so I will hopefully get pictures of it really in action :)


Ok, ok, I lured you in here with the promise of kitty pictures didn't I?
Well here's the little scene stealer himself:

(excuse the wall, it has no paper on it right now)
For new readers, this is Stirfry, my Step Kitty (as in he's my boyfriend's cat, but I live with the pair of them now so we're kind of like family :) ). 

Distinguished kitty is distinguished :D


 Day 10: A picture of the perfect garden.

Alnwick Gardens (the grounds of Alnwick Castle)

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