Monday, 28 February 2011

Adventures in continental shopping!

(part of my food haul, the pepsi and the crackers aren't part of it though).

I've been very interested in Middle Eastern cookery of late (pretty much anything lentil or chickpea based is my ultimate comfort food), so I decided to do part of this week's grocery shopping at my local Continental grocery shop.
They mostly sell Kosher and Halal foods, but they sell some Polish things here and there, as the store mainly caters to Immigrants that came here to live and work from other countries and miss their home comforts, it's open to all however and there are some serious bargains to be had.

Today I bought Coconut Milk, Maggi Chilli Sauce (this stuff is amazing on Falafel, I got really hooked on it for a while at uni), Falafel in a tin (I have never seen these before so I mostly bought them for curiosity's sake), Coconut oil for cooking with (it comes as a giant solid mass, but it's flavourless and has a much higher burning temperature than olive oil, supposedly it is much better for the heart to), stuffed vine leaves (NOM NOM NOM, they actually sell packets of unstuffed vine leaves to, so I'm considering picking some up next time to stuff my own).

Seasoning for chops and steaks for Kev (considering trying some with some tofu too),  Falooda mix (a really awesome milkshake-like drink).

Stuffed Aubergine/ Eggplant and Havla.


Day 28: The perfect night.

Snuggling on the sofa with Kev, eating pizza, drinking beer and watching South Park :)

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