Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Round Up: Crazy Week is crazy! (also new meme)

One of the greatest meals I've made recently :)

Honestly I think the soundtrack to my life is suddenly becoming "No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn" by The Beastie Boys!
I have been so tired lately, but hey it's fun...I'll sleep when I'm dead!


Monday was spent working on my dress, my business plan and crazy amount of housework.

Tuesday was more of that,then I met Kev so we could go eat at Barkollo (where we had amazing pizzas and a jug of cocktail made with black Absinthe mmmmm), before we went to see MCR.

Wednesday I was up at the crack of dawn to keep going with the business planning (this stuff is so much harder than it looks), but I did make the amazing looking meal at the top of the page there (it's vegan mince, Nigella Lawson roast tomatoes and way to much mashed potato).

Thursday was the Die So Fluid gig. I missed both of the support acts because I was on the door for this, but Die So Fluid themselves were absloutly amazing, still waiting for Kev to upload his photos.
I got a photo with Grog squee! :D

Friday I slept a lot and then did more work on my business plan.

Saturday I got to spend some time chilling with thine beloved :)

Today, as always rest day, and I'm going to need it because next week is going to be super busy too!


I've been blogging almost six months now!

Anyhow I'm only a few days away from completing my current meme,so time for a new one.
(I got this one from LGBT Laughs on Tumblr)

1.    Who is your favourite queer comedian?
2.    Who is your favourite comedian who does pro-queer material, but isn’t necessarily LGBTQ?
3.    What is your favourite queer joke?
4.    If you were to dress in drag, what would be your drag queen/drag king name? What kind of thing would you wear?
5.    Do you have a queer role model or hero?
6.    If you could turn one outspoken bigot into a bleeding-heart, absolutely pro-gay liberal, who would it be?
7.    How many rainbow-motif/rainbow coloured items do you own?
8.    What is the funniest situation being associated with the LGBTQ community has put you in?
9.    Your favourite LGBTQ protest sign?
10.    Who was the first LGBTQ person you met? What was that like?
11.    What is your favourite funny LGBTQ picture?
12.    What is your favourite LGBTQ song (inc. parodies)?
13.    What is your favourite piece of gay slang?
14.    If a celebrity you admired made a phobic remark, how would you react?
15.    Write a limerick/haiku/small poem on something LGBTQ.
16.    What do you think is the most obscured argument apposing gay rights?
17.    A scene that makes you laugh from a LGBTQ show:
18.    What are your favourite examples of pro-queer inclusion in popular media?
19.    Draw a rainbow (in any medium you like, digital or traditional):
20.    If you could introduce a LGBTQ character into any franchise (TV show, comic, book series etc.), how would you do it? What would they be like?
21.    Are there any great ironies you notice in homophobia/anti-queer rights?
22.    A cheesy name for a gay porno film parody:
23.    Are there any characters from your childhood who you’re sure are queer, even if closeted?
24.    If you could match-make any celebrities, regardless of gender or actual orientation, who would you pair up?
25.    What is your favourite queer mascot or symbol? (rainbow, interlocked gender symbols, etc)
26.    One fascinating queer fact:
27.    Who is your favourite ally?
28.    What is the most obvious example of homoromantic/homoerotic sub-text you’ve encountered in film/TV/celebrity?
29.    Is there anything you used to find funny that you look back on and realise it was phobic?
30.    What queer achievements have you managed this year? Any milestones or great successes?

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