Saturday, 26 February 2011

Alice and the Pirates: Scent of Rapunzel

Scent of Rapunzel is Alice and the Pirates's latest fairytale inspired print.
This collection comes as an OP, two JSKs, a skirt, a bonnet, a bow and socks.
I really like this print, it is undeniably Alice and the Pirates and it has all of the elements that make one of their classic prints.

I'm really not fond of this style of OP, I think the sleeves tend to look awkward and I personally tend to think the front almost always ends up looking cluttered.

This is JSK 1. I find the neck ruffle a little awkward but overall I like the design of this one. It's a nice shape, if I had the money I'd probably buy this in either the navy or black colourways.

JSK is PERFECT in my opinion. This is so added to my wishlist of things I will have some day.
It features organza ribbon corset lacing on the sides and beautiful soft looking lace around the bust.
I actually really like it in the white colourway, but I do wish there were some previews of the other colourways in this design, I'm sure that they're all beautiful!

To be honest I find the skirt a little to plain, I think it would benefit from some of the organza ribbon!

The bow and the bonnet are pretty standard bows and bonnets.

The socks however I am absoloutly in love with!
The plait of hair with the rose is just beautiful! 
I'd actually really like a pair with the blue roses as I think they'd go quite well with the JSK I just made as well as this collection.


Day 27: The perfect day.

Well it was two days really, but Mera Luna :)

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