Thursday, 17 February 2011


Last night Kev and I travelled to Leeds to see The Sisters of Mercy's 30th Anniversary show in Leeds Metropolitan University's Student Union.

Thanks Captain Obvious!

I currently feel a little bit like a cod (battered! Not sure how universal that pun is...), but it was worth it for such an awesome show.

I took this in the short space of time that I was actually able to get my hand into my bag to get my camera!

They started out with Lucretia My Reflection (I was not expecting that quite that early), which was great. I raised my arms to clap at the end of the song, and they got stuck.
I "baby T-rex armsed it through most of the rest of the gig!

Most of the set was made up of classic tracks, and most of it was brilliant, I wasn't very fond of the weird version of Body Electric they did though, it was a very slow version and it was halfway through before I realised what it was, I suspect I wasn't the only one who thought this as there were very few people singing along during Body Electric.
Dominion/ Mother Russia went down like a house on fire though, there were point when Andrew was pretty hard to hear over so many people singing along :D
They did two encores and ended the gig with Temple of Love (which also went down a storm with everybody).


Day 20: A picture that represents the perfect date (with friends)
The twice annual Whitby Funtimes :)

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