Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Baby re-release two old favourites

Last Thursday saw the re-release of two of Baby the Stars Shine Bright's popular designs from years gone by.
The first is the Elizabeth OP, also known as Momoko's dress from Kamakazie Girls.
I'm a bit weird about this dress.
I really don't like it, I feel like this is the dress that is responsible for all of those ebay lace monsters we all know and hate, I feel like even with with decent lace and a designer label...It's still made of fug :(

The second is of course the Alice and the Pirates classic print Vampire Requiem.
I frikkin' adore this print, it's one of my dream prints, but unfortunaly I can't afford it right now :(
I do quite like the blue version that they're doing just for the re-release, but the lavender version will always be the one I love, and some day it shall be mine!

Also part of the re-release is the corset skirt version.
Such a beautiful design *sigh*

I'm not overly struck on the headdress though.


Day 19: A picture that represents the perfect date (romantic)

Running around castles at midnight :)

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