Wednesday, 9 February 2011

More experiments of the Tofu kind!

So today I have been mostly doing food related experimentation (this is another thing I love about cooking, it's essentially another art, you get to play around mixing and matching things until you find a masterpiece!).

I still have quite a bit of Tofu, so I decided to try and make some more marinades to give it some flavour.
I kind of wanted something that would work as part of a traditional English Sunday Roast (you have never lived until you've had a Sunday Roast, or Vegetarian/Vegan equivalent).
I won't know if I got my quantities right for a couple of days (I'll probably have it on Friday actually), or if this even worked out right at all, but I made a marinade from a tablespoon of Marmite (this is a yeast extract, similar to, but not the same as Vegemite. Vegemite has more of an onion taste, is a bit thicker than Marmite and doesn't really dissolve in water quite as well), a tablespoon of boiling water, a dash of Henderson's Relish (this is a Vegan friendly version of Worcestershire Sauce, it's kind of hard to get outside of Yorkshire, I only know it exists because Nel from Dyonisis  brought me a bottle the last time they played Newcastle, however you can buy it from the Henderson's Relish website  ), and a bulb of pickled garlic (I bought a jar of picked garlic in my local Asian supermarket last week because I thought it looked cool, it kind of looks like it belongs on the shelf of a mad scientist, weather or not it has any purpose to me beyond that remains to be seen!).

The second marinade I made consists of Byriani mix and some of the juice from the pickled garlic.
I really like Byriani, but it's a bit of a pain to make, as to get a true Byriani you have to include apricot stones, cloves and bayleaves, all of which are inedible so you need to fish them out before serving, however I can see this working much better as a marinade :)
Fingers crossed then!

I also made some Guacamole tonight, but I didn't take a photograph (it looks like green gloop however you decide to make it).


Day 15: A picture that involves the perfect colour.

cerulean blue

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