Saturday, 12 February 2011


(it won't stop uploading that sideways grrr)

So I've been ultra busy the past two days and didn't get a chance to post.
On Thursday it was the Tylean and Unwoman gig, I will post about that in the Sunday Round up tomorrow.
Yesterday, I went fabric shopping with my mam, Queenie and Tia.
We all came away with some fabulousness, I got the teacups fabric at the top of the page and hopefull this will be the fabric for the fashion layer of my next corset (yeah I'm the worst Vegan ever...I have eggs on my corset!).

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to use the bronze taffeta for yet, but I saw it and HAD TO HAVE IT :D

I think that this will be part of a panelled JSK or OP. The pattern is quite big so I don't think it would work as an all over pattern, but I can see it working as parts of a skirt and a panel at the bust perhaps?

Again, it refused to post this the right way around... Anyhow I want to used this as parts of a panelled OP, I want to do something either Tudor or Jacobean inspired.

This is plain black, but for some reason my camera decided to make it look grey...Booo!
This is just for blouses.

This is kind of a navy blue, also for blouses :)

Slightly sheer white for blouses.

Also the wrong way around, but I think I have enough of this for a skirt and a bolero :)
Also on my travels I picked up:

A red feather fan, some giant drag queen-esque lashes (they have little diamant├ęs on them...SQUEE!) and some blue lashes that glow under UV light.

Yet more socks and some Inset Spikey hair spray (which I am assured it the absolute best thing for big goth hair ever).
Oh and my Vivienne Westwood for Comic Relief T-shirt arrived in the post this morning:

Very me don't you think? :D (you can order one of those from here)
Finally for today I just found out I was Moments like Diamonds Fashion Hime Friday girl yesterday, you can read her interview with me here


Day 16: The perfect painting.

 Jean Honore Fragonard's The Swing.

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