Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- How I pin curl my hair

This week I wanted to show you how I pin curl my hair. Everybody seems to have a different technique for this, so if my way doesn't work out for you, never fear there are a lot of other tutorials around, it's just a case of finding out what works for your hair.
A little warning here, this takes around 5-8 hours to set, so you do need to prepare your hair way before you go out. I usually start mine early in the morning, which is why I have no eyebrows in these photos, apparently this makes me look like a cancer patient so if that offends you I'd recommend not reading any further.

The first thing you need to decide what you're going to set your hair with. I usually use a volumising mouse, however I've got none left at the moment so instead I used a gel this time. I tend to find gels aren't as good as mouses because gel tends to make my hair kind of "crunchy" it also looks slightly greasy in photos :/
Some people are able just to use water, but I find that my hair just refuses to hold the curl.

Take a section of hair, I'm actually using slightly bigger sections of hair than I usually do so it's easier to see.

Next, curl the hair upwards and secure at the root with a bobby pin.

Repeat until you have a whole row :)

The next row you should curl downwards instead.

(hopefully you can see what I mean).
For the third row you should return to curling upwards.

Alternate with rows between upwards and downwards.
I've only done half of my hair to compare between the pin curls and some bendy rollers I have.

When my hair set I took the rollers and the pin curls out.

Unfortunaltly I just realised my videos are sideways...FAIL

Please forgive me for talking crap at points of this, I was really concious of the first part being silent and went to far the other way...Oops...

Following this you can either brush your curls into a wave like I did this time:

Or you can leave them as small curls as I did here (excuse the derp face I'd been drinking cocktails when this was taken):
I used mouse in this hairstyle, and as you can see it looks better than the gel did on my hair.


Day 24: The perfect Weather.

Snow :)

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