Monday, 21 February 2011

Trying new things

I like to try things I've never tried before, this is one of the reasons I like to visit Asian Supermarkets every now and then (well that and cheap tofu, c'mon who doesn't love cheap tofu?).
Today I picked up one of these, it's a tarro/taro root. From what I can gather it's kind of like a Chinese potato, I'm gonna try cooking it later in the week and I'll report back :)
I picked up a few general foods too for the week both from the Asian Supermarket and my local Lidl (I've become really hooked on supermarkets with the Lidl/Aldi/Netto format since visiting Germany in the summer (I know Netto is Scandinavian but there are Netto's all over the place in Hildeshiem and Hanover), I just find it so much easier to shop without claustrophobic isles, lots of good deals to.

So this week I have my tarro, two packets of Ramen, two packets of Tofu, a tray of mixed cherry tomatos, olives, courgette in olive oil, an avocado and an aubergine (eggplant), I still have a few bits and bobs left over from last week so hopefully I can cook something nice up :)

I also passed this crazy sign on the way home. I've been meaning to take a photo of it for a while now because I always read it as "For sale Old Wrekenton" as though the town is for sale :/
Meh, it amuses me.


Day 23: The perfect photograph.

This was the first photo of Kev and I, it always makes me smile :)

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