Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Great Creativity Rescue!

I found out recently that I wouldn't be able to cast my concrete for the uni project I did back in November (which is a shame because I as really looking forward to it), but I'd be getting marked on the work I did towards it.
I also found out that I had to go and collect my work within a week of being marked otherwise it would be thrown out (good job I don't have a day job yet then isn't it?), so yesterday Tia and I drove up to collect it.
We drove up in the morning and had many giggles in the car (most of them seemed to be around her accidently breaking at the same time as I was taking a drink), had a bit of a faff about where to park (all of the  parking has been changed since that last time I was up there) and then grabbed my fabrics and research files.
After that we went to meet my friend Lizzie for tea in a really cool little art cafe (which is where Tia found and assembled the children's dinosaur jigsaw pictured at the top of the page).
We caught up with Lizzie and then drove home, with more giggles (even though we got stuck behind some INCREDIBLY bad drivers on the way home).


9.    Your favourite LGBTQ protest sign?

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