Tuesday, 15 March 2011

O Children and The Chapman Family

Last night Kev and I went to see O Children and The Chapman Family in Fibbers in York.
It's been almost a year since I was last in there, and the whole venue seems to have flipped around.
There was an Indie band supporting, I wasn't really to into them though and I forgot their name.
Anyhow I wasn't really expecting much of The Chapman Family (above), but they turned out to be seriously awesome, so good infact that I forgive their vocalist for totally screwing up one of the mics (he tied the cable around his neck and pulled quite hard-his face went kind of purple-, I had a bit of a moment of "is this cool or a little bit disturbing?), meaning that the first song O Children played was vocal-less.
Black shirt with a black cross print AND a smoke machine? Yes we're not Goths at all!


I have a couple of progress shots from my masked ball dress:


8.    What is the funniest situation being associated with the LGBTQ community has put you in?

I dressed as Elvira for the second annual Gay Pride march and got mistaken for a Drag Queen, I was quite flattered actually :)

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