Wednesday, 30 March 2011

In which I make some things and almost set the house on fire...

Today has been pretty creative for me, I started out doodling. Up top is the Gingerbread Goth, which arose from a joke with Queenie.

Then a little self portrait because I haven't drawn myself in a long time.

Then a couple of bows (not 100% happy with these but practice makes perfect)

Eyebrows,I has none!

Then came some T-shirt to mini dress surgery:



There's a few bits of this I'm not happy with either, but I'm still getting to grips with sewing jersey fabric so mistakes happen.

Then I almost burnt the house down microwaving Christmas Pudding:

It was in there 2 minutes max and it burnt a hole through two microwave safe plastic containers and incinerated my noms.
This is God's punishment for me trying to eat Christmas Pudding in March :/


17.    A scene that makes you laugh from a LGBTQ show:

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