Thursday, 31 March 2011

Last post for approx one week

Tomorrow I'm off to Whitby for Alt Fest (ie: The other Goth Weekend), I will be in Whitby for one week.
I will have a dongle with me, but the internet signal in Whitby is pretty poor unless you're in Java so chances are I won't be able to blog.
I will however try and keep my twitter updated as much as possible and if you're following me on Tumblr I have it set to auto post some things while I'm away.


18.    What are your favourite examples of pro-queer inclusion in popular media?

As sad as it sounds, I can't think of any. Popular media just seems to stick to the "safe" stereotypes of LGBT (which I actually find pretty insulting), I mean, I love Captain Jack from Dr Who/Torchwood, but he's just another stereotype.
Bisexual guy, oh yeah he has to be really promiscuis, because that's what bisexuality is all about now isn't it *facepalm*

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