Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday Round Up!

Kev uploaded my photo with Grog :D

I am so knackered from this last week, and my blogging schedules is a little shot, for that I apologise.
Last Monday was one of my mam's days off, we did some grocery shopping together and picked up some middle eastern foods.

Tuesday we went to see Boyzone, it was fantastically nostalgic.

Wednesday I worked on my business plan and my new petticoat.

Thursday was similar to Wednesday.

Friday was Hellfire, during which someone requested "Lucretia, my reflection" by Megadeath...LOLWUT?

Saturday was Charnel House.

Yesterday was a metal festival, I'm not a fan of metal but we were helping out.

*sigh* very sleepy


1.    Who is your favourite queer comedian?

Graeme Norton

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