Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- Louise and Kev's F-Yeah Chilli!

Last night Kev and I made the most amazing chillis, and I thought I'd share the recipe.
As you know I'm a Vegan, however my boyfriend eats meat, I'm fine with this because I believe that what you eat is a personal choice and you shouldn't impose your beliefs on others.

Anyhow we came up with a chilli that works both with real mince (I believe he used beef mince, but I'd image it'll work with whatever your preference), or soy mince (if you're against mock meats then you could possibly used pre-cooked French lentils, but I've not tried this so I'm not 100% sure).



Four cups of either meat mince or soya/TVP mince
One Naga Chili (known as Ghost peppers in the US)
One bird pepper (also known as Thai Jalape├▒o)
Half a cup of chopped button mushrooms
Half an onion
A tin/can of tomatoes


Heat the oil.
Dice the onions, mushrooms and chillis.
when the oil is hot fry off the onion, mushrooms and chillis until tender.
Add in the mince to brown (this is really quick with vege mince, but with meat it takes a little longer).
Pour in the tomatoes, stir and if you think it's to dry add some water.
Simmer for 10-15 minutes then serve with rice, chips (the fries kind) or nachos.

If there's to much there for you it freezes really well :)


2.    Who is your favourite comedian who does pro-queer material, but isn’t necessarily LGBTQ?

Noel Fielding 

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