Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The recent trend for Anime and Manga inspired Lolita

In the world of Westernised Lolita there seems to have been a lot dislike for Anime and Manga for quite a number of years now.
Personally I'm not really fond of very much Anime of Manga, but I don't hate it, and I don't see why anybody liking it should be a problem.
I do see where problems could have come from originally, a lot of characters people think of as being Lolita aren't really all that Lolible, but there are Lolita characters out there.
Recently there seems to have been a bit of a trend for Lolita brands to release collections inspired by Anime and Manga.
Queen's Trump by Angelic Pretty, inspired by Shiki.

I think this is great for breaking down barriers, and I am really enjoying some of the designs that are popping up.
I'm usually not fond of Angelic Pretty but Queen's Trump is beautiful (it even has goth potential in my opinion),

This Aristocratic number by Atelier Pierrot (also based on Shiki) is beautiful in my opinion.

And the OP from Baby's recent collection inspired by Kuragehime.

But then again there are some that I personally think would be better minus a few details.
Like this Metamorphose dress based on Gotick, I like the roses on the skirt, but the ones on the sleeves look really awkward :/

The new Putamyao cutsew would be so much better without the giant yellow bow/ears thing on the hood IMO (other than that I love it).

And then come the "Do not want at all"s.

The word "eep!" comes to mind :/


After a little bit of thinking I picked some Anime that I think it would be nice to see Lolita interpretations of:


Some of Sakura's outfits already have a little bit of Lolita to them, so it wouldn't be to hard to come up with something inspired by them.

Sailor Moon, I think a lot could be done with the decorative elements of the Sailor Scouts uniforms.


3.    What is your favourite queer joke?

How many lesbians does it take to change a light bulb?
Two, one to put it in and one to write a folk song about it.

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