Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Round Up: *stab stab stab*

This week started great, but ended really badly *sigh*

Monday I went to see Enrique with my mam, we had so much fun :)
Tuesday went shopping at the continental supermarket, mmmmm ghost chillis :D
Wednesday I worked on some sewing, housework and business plans.
Thursday was much the same as Wednesday
Friday, well on Friday the flat downstairs flooded, our building janitor came by, said he didn't think it was from our flat and then left so I thought it was ok.
Five minutes before the janitors leave for the weekend another guy came around and said the leak was coming from our flat after all and they were going to turn our water off from their office and we'd have to get a plumber in.
We called a plumber, the plumber couldn't do anything because the water was switched off and we couldn't switch it back on because the janitors had gone home.
So we've been without water all weekend and have to keep popping next door to fill kettles and use the bath 


14.    If a celebrity you admired made a phobic remark, how would you react?

I'd be pretty upset and angry, I'd stop admiring them for that.

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