Friday, 25 March 2011

Sewing post: Pencil Punk and Home (unfinished)

Today I thought I'd show some photos of my latest garments I've made.
This up top is the front of a skirt I've christened "Pencil Punk", it's a pencil skirt made from textured taffeta.
The Punk element comes in at the back:

There is a row of gold coloured safety pins along the back seam.
Basically my idea was to make a classic, vintage inspired skirt that also represented my personality.

The second skirt isn't quite finished yet.

This is "Home", another Lolita style skirt.

It's called Home, in dedication to my favourite football team (who play in red and white).


13.    What is your favourite piece of gay slang?


Naff is Polari (a form of secret gay language used while it was illegal to be gay),  word that slipped into modern English slang. It now means something that doesn't work very well, or is boring, but the original Polari meaning is "Not Available For Fucking" (ie: a straight person).
I just find it really amusing since finding out what it meant when I hear people describing their Xbox or something as naff! 

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