Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Monday night picspam

On Monday my mam and I went to see another of my childhood heroes... Enrique Iglesias!

I can't really go into huge amounts of detail, but I will say it was pretty damn amazing :)


12.    What is your favourite LGBTQ song (inc. parodies)?

This is sung and played to the tune of the ever classic camp fire song Kumbaya. Enjoy!

We wear Birkenstocks...lesbian
We drive pick-up trucks ...lesbian
Ev'ryone has an aunt who is...a lesbian
Oh yeah..lesbian

We don't eat red meant (except some of the time) ... lesbians
we like pocket knives ... lesbians
we own dogs that are part wolf ... lesbians
oh yes ... lesbians

here's a verse for all you non-lesbians out there ...

we wish we could be ... lesbians
we'd join a softball team ... lesbians
but we're not tough enough to be ... lesbians
benchwarmer ... lesbians

we throw solstice parties ... lesbians
we don't tip real well (ooo!) ... lesbians
[i forget this line]
oh yes ... lesssbiiiiiaaaaannnnsss! 

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