Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- Sparkle Socks!

Firstly my apologies, I tried to post this on Tuesday but it refused to post.
This week I thought we'd go for something a little easier than most of my recent tutorials.
This one is so simple pretty much anybody can do it and it was inspired by these Miu Miu socks:

All you need are:

A pair of white knee high socks.
Sequins (with holes).
embroidery or other thin needle.
White thread

Make a few stitches with a knot on the inside of the sock to secure the thread.

Next sew on a sequin.

It's easier to sew on sequins if you put your other hand in the sock.

Then that's pretty much it, keep sewing on sequins until your socks are as sparkly as you want them!
Between sequins you should make lines of small stitches so that you don't get huge loops of thread inside the socks.


11.    What is your favourite funny LGBTQ picture?

My group's banner at the first Newcastle Gay Pride March.

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