Friday, 15 April 2011

Impressivebridal tiara review

Firstly before we get into the review, you may have noticed a few changes to Queens of the Wild Frontier.
The first and most obvious is that I've changed the background. 
So we now have Gingerbread Goths adorning the page. :)
I've made a few changes to the layout and also I've made it easier to view us in several different languages, as I get a lot of international blog views.
At one point through the night my preferred comment system (Disqus) was temporarily disabled, and in that time comments reverted back to Blogger default.
I was unable to reply to the comment I received in that time, and now that Disqus is back said comment isn't viewable, so I thought it best and polite to reply to Duskrose's comment here rather than to leave it invisable:

"I love your transformation. Also that top photo is gorgeous. 
It was great to hear about your Whitby trip too (I read without commenting ^^' )." 

Thank you for your comment :) The top photograph from yesterday's entry was taken at a gallery art exhibit about the Snow Queen.
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my Whitby Posts :)


Anyhow, review time.
I used to have a really nice Tiara, unfortunately my uber cute step kitty Stirfry stole it and then it broke :(
I've been looking for a new one fora little while now, and finally found not one but two in the Impressivebridal ebay shop

I ordered models T24 and T32.
T24 is what I'm wearing at the top of the page.
I ordered the tiaras on the 12th of April and they were delivered this morning, so I was impressed with how quickly I got them.
They were incredibly well packaged (it took me 20 minutes to get into them!), and I think they're incredibly good value for money.
The tiaras fix with combs which are easily hidden within the hair.

All in all I'm incredibly happy with my purchases and I would thoroughly recommend them.


26.    One fascinating queer fact

the first advert featuring a "non-traditional" family was for Ikea 

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