Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Lolita Transformation- Old School Goth/Punk

It took a long time to find a photo of me not to dressed up and not wearing make-up because I love to dress up and wear make-up. So there is my before picture.

This is the outfit I chose to wear. I gave them a bit of an iron after taking this picture.

(please excuse the yellow hue I had the camera on the wrong setting)
I start by applying moisturiser and lip balm.

While this is sinking in I do my hair.

Next I put on a little foundation and pressed powder.

Next comes my eyebrows, a little olive eye sheadow, eyeliner, mascara and some pale pink lipstick.

All done :D

Stirfry being an attention whore again and making me lean at a weird angle and make my skirt look super short 0.o


25.    What is your favourite queer mascot or symbol? (rainbow, interlocked gender symbols, etc)

The Androgyny Flag. A lot of the LGBT flags just seem a little "meh!" to me (the Bi Pride flag really annoys me and I think it's pretty fugly), but the Androgyny flag I think is really clever.
It's a blue gradient, it changes from dark to light with no definite line to say where one shade ends and the next begins, like how gender is to people who are Androgynous.  

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  1. I love your transformation. Also that top photo is gorgeous.
    It was great to hear about your Whitby trip too (I read without commenting ^^' ).


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