Monday, 25 April 2011

My Big Fat Birthday post!

Today to celebrate my birthday, Kev, my mam and my brother, Adam took me to dinner :)

We had Italian food at an Italian place Kev and I seem to end up in once annually (our first date was in there, and then we were in there before KISS last year).
I had Bruchetta, then Ravioli stuffed with butternut squash (nom nom nom).
Mam and Adam gave me cards and my gift from Adam, which incase you can't tell from the picture up top are a dyed Turquoise skull necklace and bracelet set :)
I don't know what the deal is with the sudden skull theme but I'm happy with it :)


29.    Is there anything you used to find funny that you look back on and realise it was phobic?

The comedy of Jim Davidson (to be fair I only thought he was funny and not a massive prick when I was still in single figures age-wise)

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