Thursday, 2 June 2011

Adam Ant- The Good, The Mad and The Lovely

On Sunday I went to see Adam Ant play at the O2 Academy in Newcastle, it was quite an experience!
First of all I'd like to apologise for how blurry the photos I took are, I had some issues with my camera that night :(

First band of the night were Jesse Rae and The Thistles.
Kev and I don't usually drink in the O2 because the bar is stupidly expensive, but Jesse Rae drove us to it.
I like to think of myself as a nice polite person, but even at my nicest I can only really describe Jesse Rae and the Thistles with the following meme:

No seriously, thy looked like they were dressed by the Monty Python costume department and they mimed their entire set (well the girls did, I'm assuming Jesse did too as his face was covered with a helmet).

Next up were Dressing for Pleasure, I'm not sure if they were actually really, REALLY good, or it was just that Jesse Rae was so bad that someone clanging bin lids together would have been fantastic, but I really enjoyed Dressing For Pleasure, I was a little disappointed they don't have a CD out yet but I have fanned them on Facebook so hopefully they will keep their page updated :)

(why won't my photo turn grrrrr!)
Finally came Adam Ant himself!
I want his hat!
The jacket was nice and all but THAT HAT UNF!
Anyhow, all of those rumours about how he can't sing any more ARE COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP.
He still has a great voice on him, and he can still leap about the stage like a coiled spring (much more that that berk out of the tribute act I saw last year who's probably half his age but moved like a geriatric drunk uncle at a wedding).
Massively enjoyed the gig, played all of my favourites (Save for "Puss In Boots" and "Room at the Top", though I think only myself and Kurt Dirt like the latter of those) and the gig atmosphere itself was fantastic.
I think my only real disappointment was how fast he raced through Stand and Deliver, I get that he must be sick to death of that song by now, but some of us still love it.


Day 8: 3 films

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Repo!The Genetic Opera

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