Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lime chocolate cupcake recipie

I made these delicious little cakes to use up the lime I had in my fridge so it didn't go off, to make them I adapted a polenta flour cake recipe.


Two cups of Polenta Flour (also known as Cornmeal, not Cornflour though, that's something completely different)
3 oz of cooking oil or margarine
Three tablespoons of sugar
Three tablespoons of good quality coco powder
One tablespoon of EnerG Egg re-placer (I would imagine other egg re-placers or in fact an egg itself would work fine to)
One lime
One teaspoon of raspberry jam (if you are using an actual egg you may choose to leave this out)
three teaspoons of baking soda
A small tin of coconut milk

You will also need either a zester or a very fine grater.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C/Gas Mark 4
In a mixing bowl mix all the dry ingredients well, (if using a real egg I would say add this after mixing the dry ingredients) .
If using oil pour slowly into the dry ingredients whilst mixing (don't just dump it all in at once otherwise you'll end up with lumps) and then add the jam.
Grate the peel of the lime with the zester into the bowl, you only want the green part, as soon as you start getting down to the white fleshy layer stop.
Now for the messy part!
Chop the lime into small pieces (I found it easiest to cut the lime into "rings" and the divide it into segments from there), it's important to make sure the pieces are small so that when you bite into your cupcakes you don't get a whole mouth full of bitter lime.
Add the small pieces of lime to the rest of the mixture and mix well.
Start adding in the coconut milk slowly in the same way that you did with the oil, you'll likely not need the whole can so you can use the rest for something else.
Ideally you want to make your mix a little wetter than regular cake mix (you should be able to pour it into the cake tin/pan rather than spooning it in), but not completely liquid, I'd say around the consistency of tinned lentil soup should be about right.
Pour the mixture into a cupcake tin/pan (I have a silicone one, tottaly recommend them :) ) and then pop it in the oven for 30 minutes, prodding occasionally with a cocktail stick. (side note they smell AMAZING while they're cooking).
Leave to cool and then nom them all up :D


Day 9: 2 songs

Kickstart The Fight -Combichrist
Destroy, Improve, Rebuild - Faderhead

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