Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What is in my handbag

So today I decided to show you all the crap I carry around with me all the time.
That up there? That's my bag. I do use other bags from time to time, but this is "old faithful" that I use almost every day.

First up is my sketchbook.
I always carry a sketchbook with me in case I see something inspiring, it's mostly full of fashion drawings of things I plan on making at some point (the safety pin pencil skirt started life as a sketch in this very sketchbook). I very rarely let anybody else have a look into my sketchbook these days, I used to share all of my designs on Deviant art, but then someone traced one of my fashion drawings and said it was theirs so now I don't share my drawings until I've made the garment, because once I've made it you can copy it all you want because I did it first.

Evestus stickers, stickers to promote the ever wonderful Evestus
Sun cream

Notebook (one never knows when I'll need to write down an address or something), wallet and perfume.

House keys, sharpie, pencil, black thread, half a packet of lovehearts, rail card and passport.

Key's to my mam's house, blood red nail varnish, hair tie, Ipod, pens, toothbrush, phone and glow in the dark nail varnish.


New meme time :D

Day one: Yourself

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