Wednesday, 6 July 2011

55 Gifts to Crochet for the home review

As I mentioned on Monday my mam gave me a book called 55 Gifts to Crochet for the home by Angela King.
There are eight chapters worth of projects and a small, ninth chapter in the back dedicated to laces and edgings.
 This would be a brilliant book for those of you who are quite into vintage things as there are patterns for net curtains, doilys and table runners, but there are also things that could be adapted for other things to, the lace gloves pattern for example could work quite well with Classic Lolita and made up in black the crochet bedspread would look very Goth indeed.
By far the most interesting chapter to me though is the laces and edgings.
There are 15 edgings (three of which are curved and would make great collars and cuffs), 10 braids (four of which can be used as eyelet lace and 10 insertations (which are the beautiful old style lace you see on very expensive old Victorian clothing).
I've been hunting my wardrobe for things I can add lace to since I got it :D
The only issue for me is that I have been getting a little confused by some of the instructions because I learned to crochet using youtube videos, and most of the youtube crochet gurus are American, and some American crochet terms mean different things to English terms that have the same name 0.0
Fortunately there's a handy dandy glossary in the front that explains the difference :D

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