Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bus crochet projects and business update

As well as the super secret crochet project I have also been working on some smaller items while I travel.
The lace heart is going to be put on a facinator base :)

My first "Oreo" cookie is ok I guess, but I'm working on a second now and have revised the pattern slightly so that the cookies are a little thicker around the edges.

I also made some wheel lace from a book my mam bought for me yesterday.
It's a really great book so I plan on doing a review of it later in the week.

Business type things:

Well I'm posting my market research survey all over the place at the moment, anywhere I think people will be interested and I can get permission to post it.
For the record,  market research is one of those things that is an ongoing process and doesn't have an end and there's a section in the paperwork for the loan and grant applications that I need to update with my most recent results every time I apply for a grant or loan.
Someone asked why I bothered posting my survey to the Lolita comms as Lolitas will only be a small section of my customer base, well even a small amount of people is still a potential customer base, sure it makes sense to concentrate on the larger customer bases (which I am doing as well), but as Elaine from The Prince's Trust explained to me you should try not to overlook anybody.
I've spent a good portion of today ringing around advertising companies trying to find out how much it will cost to place an advert in their magazines (I'm mostly looking at sewing and crafting magazines initially, but Elaine suggested trying to get features in Interiors magazines and other not so imediatly obvious places in the future because they sometimes like to do features on making small accent pieces for you room like cushions and the like).

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