Wednesday, 27 July 2011

DV8 Fest: Friday

Gary Numan and myself. Photo (and all photos in this post) by the wonderful Kev36663

On Friday Kev and I travelled to York for DV8 music festival.
Kev got to interview Gary Numan for Dominion , he was supposed to be joined by another person from Dominion but he wasn't able to get there quick enough, so I ended up being able to sit in on the interview.
I can't really reveal any of the interview, as it's not published yet (but I will link you to it when it is), but I will say that Gary is a very nice man, not at all divaish and a pleasure to meet.


Next we headed up to Fibbers for some electronic music from Surgyn.
Although initially their sound seemed to suffer, I did find myself quite enjoying them towards the end of their set and I'm quite looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks time supporting Angelspit in Newcastle


Next up were Uberbyte, who were amazing as always.

Following that we ran to the other side of town to catch the end of Luxury Stranger.
It's sometimes a little weird seeing a band you're used to seeing on small stages on a HUGE stage, but Luxury Stranger owned that stage, and it would be nice to see them on more big stages in the future.

Around an hour later and we got our headline act, Gary Numan himself, who played a blindingly awesome set, which was a spectacular end to a spectacular night.

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