Friday, 29 July 2011

DV8 Fest: Saturday

Rome Burns, this and all other photos in this post by Kev36663

A huge chunk of our Saturday seemed to be taken up by looking for a Weatherspoons and somewhere to buy a towel (we stayed in Goodrick College's Hall's of Residence, they didn't have towels).

No Tears

After all that wandering we headed over to The Duchess for No Tears, they weren't really my cup of tea but Kev enjoyed them.

The Last Cry

I did however really enjoy The Last Cry, from my seat in the corner (I hate sitting through gigs but after all of that trekking I needed new feet).

Alice Moving under skies

Next we headed over to Stereo for Alice Moving Under Skies.
It looked at one point as though we wouldn't actually get see them at all, when we arrived the room was packed, we did manage to get a good view eventually though.
Quite impressed by their new bass player [badpun] he swallowed a sword....METAL![/badpun], and really enjoyed their cover of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

Rome Burns

I really enjoyed what I saw of Rome Burns, but unfortunately it was just to hot in Stereo and I felt faint, so I ended up having to leave after three songs.


Queenie and I met up and headed over to The Duchess to see Specimen, while Kev and Ghost went to see Utah Saints.
Unfortunately for them it turned out that it was a Utah Saints DJ set rather than a band set, so they ended up coming back upstairs to see Specimen with us.
Specimen we good, but not quite as good as I was expecting, which is kind of a shame.

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