Saturday, 30 July 2011

DV8 Fest: Sunday

Geese outside where we were staying (this and all photos in this post by Kev36663)

Sunday was a funny ol' day.
We spent most of the morning using the free wifi in Weatherspoons before we headed to The Duchess so that Kev could interview The March Violets for Dominion TV.
The interview ended up being in The Black Swan pub, which is very beautiful.
Again I can't really reveal any of the interview, but I will link to it when it makes it to the internet.

I ended up volunteering to do the merch for the March Violets in return for a photo with the band.
As a result of this the only band I got to see was the Violets themselves, but given the amount of pain my feet were in I was pretty happy for a sit down.
Besides merching was actually pretty fun that once as people came and talked to me, and I did have a pint bought for me by Dr Geoff (why can't this happen every time I do merch, more of this please and less of people that randomly change what they want just as I find it).

Rosie Lugosi of The March Violets

The March Violets set, was as I expected it to be, fantastic.
I was a little disappointed they left out Religious as Hell, but oh well, I thoroughly enjoyed them anyway.

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