Friday, 19 August 2011

A day in Hanover (lots of photos of beautiful art and architecture)

The Town Hall or Ratthaus

On Tuesday we decided to have a look around the sights of Hanover, it turns out Hanover is a very beautiful city, full of art and architecture.

Inside Hanover's train station

We did a little wandering to start out before having lunch in "Jack The Ripper's London Tavern", and then decided to follow the Red Thread tourist trail.

The Marktkirche
Yes you did see that right, it has a GIANT UPSIDE DOWN PENTAGRAM on the side...

The first place we visited was The Marktkirche, meaning "market church", I spotted it at a distance and had to go and investigate as it had a GIANT pentagram on one side of the tower. 
I asked some Christian friends about this when I got home but nobody seemed to know why this was, after a little googleing it looks like it might be that the inverted Pentagram is actually the seal of the city of Jerusalem (which I will remember next time someone accuses me of being a Satanist).

 Pond full of toy ducks :)

The church (unsurprisingly given the name) is in the middle of a 14th Century market square.
Beautiful fountain

A few of the other buildings in the square are also original, and have beautifully decorated exteriors.

The eerie shadow of Jack The Ripper

 When I am away from home I usually enjoy trying new and exiting things, so an English theme bar does not sound like somewhere I'd usually visit, however Jack The Ripper's London Tavern came highly reccomended to us.

Kev in the "Brick Lane" booth

I am very glad we went, as it is a lot like my favourite theme bar in Edinburgh, Frankenstien's.
You enter the bar by walking down a long, stone staircase into the basement, past a window featuring a shadow of the infamous murderer and a group of ladies of the night and then onto the seating area, where the seats and tables are divided into booths each named after a place where a ripper victim was found.
The food we had was good, I had a basket full of Vegetarian snacks (Spring Rolls, Onion Rings and Potato wedges) and Kev had a chilli (amusingly the heat of the chillis are measured on a "From Hell" scale).

*think* this is the Opera House

Next we headed off along The Red Thread, you need the guidebook to really know what is what along The Red Thread, but this time we just wanted to walk around so we didn't get it, maybe next year though.

Even without the guidebook though it's hard to to appreciate the beautiful buildings surrounding the red line on the path (seriously, the thread itself is painted on the pavement, you can kind of see it in the photo above).

There is also quite a bit of sculpture on the trail, such as this bear doing a handstand by the side of the road!

And this gold Polar Bear!

Plenty of fantastic stone work

And glass work

I really loved this sculpture, she looks so kind

wheras this guy in the same building looks so stern!

There are some wonderful feats of modern architecture in Hanover too as well as the old stuff.

I really loved the Iron work on these doors, I'm thinking of making some lace inspired by them

Not overly sure what's going on here

Hanover is full of naked men!

I loved this building so much :)

An unsuspecting group of rocks

OMG they're PEOPLE!

Another pretty church

I really loved this lamp

Three of Niki de Saint Phalle's Nanas

Another naked man, this time with a horse (possibly Equis?)

Kev in the old part of town :)

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