Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mera Luna - Sunday

Gothminster's stilt walking Demon

Sunday my feet were made of pain, so Kev ended up going ahead of me to watch The Beauty of Gemina, and I walked down a little slower, I did catch their last couple of songs though, I got through security just as they started playing "Dark Rain", which was pretty funny given that it was bucketing down with rain.


The first band I got to see propperly were Mirrors in The Hanger, Kev wasn't to keen but I quite liked them, I didn't really think they were quite as Depeche Mode clone as he did, but I do see the influence.
I was slightly disturbed by how much one of them looked like my brother 0.0

A Life Divided

Next came A Life Divided, they were a kind of popular rock type sound, I quite enjoyed them, will have to keep an eye on them in the future :)


Coppelius were amazing! I want bands like that at home! I guess you could say they were kind of Steampunk or Dark Cabaret in looks, but musically they were quite metal...But with Clarinets and violins!
They were a lot of fun :)

Mono Inc

Unfortunatly my feet gave up during Mono Inc so I had to go find somewhere to sit down.
I still really enjoyed them though, and I really liked the cover they did of "The Passenger".


Gothminster were FANTASTIC!
I love their music to start with, and I saws them a few years ago in Sunderland and really enjoyed them, but it was kind of a smaller gig and so they didn't really have room for the stage show elements they had at Mera Luna (which in turn didn't seem to have some of the things I have seen in people's photos from Wave Gottik Treffen either).
So it was nice to get to see them with their giant stilt walker, flying bat and animatronic demon thing climbing a rope (even if it did have a slight Spinal Tap moment and keep getting tangled in the rigging).
The other bonus was that they used so many pyrotechnics that all our wet clothing dried out :D


The last band we saw on Sunday was Tiamat, I wasn't all that keen on them, they seem to be good at what they do, but it's not really a style of music I like, to doomey for me really.
Kev really enjoyed them though, I like "Vote for Love" but that's about it really :/


My outfit for the day

With the hat :)

Kev with fire :)

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