Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Mera Luna - Saturday

Perttu Kivilaakso of Apocalyptica

Saturday was fun, we started with a nice buffet breakfast to keep us going through the day from the cafe next to the Van Der Vaulk hotel (which is where we stayed), and then set off to the festival grounds at Hildeshiem airport.
We missed the first band on, but we'd looked them up on youtube and weren't to fond of what we heard so it was no real biggie.


The first band we saw were Ostfront, as I said in my highlights post the other day I wasn't really expecting much of them because they have the same vocalist as Aganoize, who Kev loves and I hate, but Ostfront is a totally different style of music to Aganoize and I really like it.
I also really like the military look they have going on, I already had my eye on an officer's cap, but then I made sure I went and found one after Ostfront. :)

The Mission Veo

Next we headed to The Hanger for The Mission Veo, who were pretty interesting, it will be interesting to see what they do in the future.
They sound kind of like a more rocky version of The Killers, though their bassest seems to be Jade Puget from AFI's clone or something (he looks a lot like him and plays in a very similar way).
There was some quite humorous banter between their vocalist and Kev due to the guy from The Mission Veo asking if anybody spoke English and it sort of spiralling from there...Bloody boyfriends *roll eyes* can't take 'em anywhere!

Caption the picture with Mesh!

That's better!

Next we headed for the signing tent to have some postcards signed by Mesh :)

Leaves Eyes

We headed back to the main stage for Leaves Eyes, who I *think* (not 100% sure though) are a side project of Atrocity.
It's kind of strange if that's the case because I really enjoyed Leaves Eyes (they're kind of Symphonic Metal kind of thing, if you like early Nightwish you'll probably enjoy Leaves Eyes), yet I don't like the latest Atrocity album and it sounds very similar, perhaps it's just that I have expectations about Atrocity and none about Leaves Eyes? I don't know, either way I liked them, and all of the men in the band have very pretty hair :)


Kev has seen Mesh a few times now, but this was my first time at seeing them, it's kind of become a little bit of a running joke that they have a lot of songs about stalking and Kev has seen them so many times now that he is practically stalking them 0.0
I enjoyed them, I very much enjoyed the new song, but they weren't quite as awesome as I was expecting.


I have to tell an anecdote before telling you about Blutengel's set.
A few years ago I was very bored up at Uni in Galashiels, when my friend sent me a Facebook event invite for a web radio show called The Gothic Evening, and so to cure my boredom I listened, and the presenter played a Blutengel song (I forgot which, I suspect it might have been Solitary Angel though), and said that there should be a game called Blutengel bingo and every time they reused a word (such as Solitary, Darkness, Light, Vampire etc) you scored points.
I emailed him and said that it would make a better drinking game where you took a shot every time you heard one of those words, anyway in case you didn't guess the presenter was my Kev, we met, fell in love, rest is ooshy smooshie history and ever since we've always planned to getting around to actually playing Blutengel bingo, so when we heard they were playing Mera Luna we decided to give it a go.
So we bought cocktails from the Moon Bar with the intention of taking sips for each repetitive word but lost track pretty quickly.
It was a very cheesy performance, kind of hit the point of so awful it managed to be amazing!


I have seen Apocalyptica once before, a few years back at The O2 Academy in Newcastle (though it was still called The Carling Academy back then), I think performance-wise they were the same, but it was nice to see them outdoors, I also liked that they brought someone along to sing vocals for some of the songs this time.

Patrick Wolf

I sat through Atari Teenage Riot so I could make sure I got a good spot for Patrick Wolf, Kev enjoyed Atari Teenage Riot, I did not, I thought they were a bunch of over hyped pants, and given that The Hanger was only half full and by that time of the day it's usually one in, one out, I think perhaps a lot of people agreed with me.
The good thing was that despite the fact that Patrick Wolf and Alec Empire often write songs together, there isn't much crossover in their fanbases, so The Hanger pretty much cleared out just before filling up completely meaning that I managed to get right to the front for Patrick Wolf.

Seriously though, the only way I could have gotten a better view would have been if I'd been on stage with him!
As I said in the last post, Patrick was amazing and the highlight of Saturday as far as I'm concerned.

Within Temptation

After Patrick Wolf I went back outside to catch the end of Within Temptation, I liked what I heard, but I didn't really catch enough of their set to get into it.


My outfit for the day (excuse the derrrrrrrp face)

Also on Saturday I got to meet one of my livejournal friends, Lunaquiche which was pretty cool :)

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