Monday, 15 August 2011

Mera Luna Round Up

Just a short post for now, I will do full break downs of each day in my next couple of posts, but for now just some highlights:

Favourite Act: Patrick Wolf

I was very much looking forward to Patrick Wolf as soon as I heard he was playing because Patrick Wolf is one of three artists I would do pretty much anything to see (the other two being Tori Amos and Kate Bush), so by the time Mera Luna actually rolled around I was a little scared that he might not be quite as awesome as I was expecting, fortunatly he turned out to be every bit as amazing as I was expecting.

Favourite Band I'd not previously heard of: Ostfront

This was the first band I saw on Saturday, I wasn't really expecting much as the have the same vocalist as Aganoize (who I don't like, but Kev loves) and I was actually really impressed, after Patrick Wolf they were probably my favourite band of the weekend.

WTF: Blutengel

I like Blutengel, but their stage show is so cheesy 0_รถ

Best Stage Show: Gothminster

If I can ever manage to get the film off my camera then I will be able to show you thier demonic flying monkey thing, bat that flew over the audience and awesome stilt walker!

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