Friday, 12 August 2011

Here comes the rain again!

Very odd Graffiti

Because my times were so screwed up yesterday we ended up sleeping until noon, and then getting up for a wander in Hideshiem this afternoon.
We found out that we get free access to the pool and sauna in the hotel so the first part of our wander was centred around trying to fine swimwear for both of us.

Hildishiem in the rain

While we were out it decided to bucket down with rain and we got soaked.
I bought my swimming costume and then we went to a chocolate shop where I got a bar of 100% chocolate (mmmmmmmmmmmmm), and then we bought noodles nom nom nom.
After that we headed to the Mera Luna campsite to get our wristbands.

Wild Mistletoe

After that we headed back to our hotel to dry off.

Kev went out to the supermarket a little while back and has jut returned to the classiest hotel we've ever stayed in with three Netto bags full of Pom-bar and beer so for now I bid thee adieu.

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