Thursday, 11 August 2011

The land of delicious bread :D

The view from my window

I'm aware parts of my last entry made no sense, I was a bit delirious and needed sleep, feeling better now and blogging from my hotel room in Hildeshiem because it has free wifi! Wooo and or hooo!

look at our bed, our bed is amazing, give it a lick it tastes just like raisins!

So yeah at 7am I talked a lot of crap to a taxi driver because we decided just to not sleep before our flight, we flew from Newcastle to Southampton (there was some pretty bumpy turbulence, I was not overly fond of that part), and then got stuck at Southampton for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGES because our flight got delayed.
Had a very nice (but small and not good value for money) cooked breakfast in the airport and kept falling asleep in my seat and then waking myself up when my head slid down the wall 0___o
Slept most of the flight from Southampton to Hanover.
Fought with the  confusing ticket machine and then got a train to Hanover Central then another to Hildeshiem.

This is the most awesome hotel ever!

We're staying in the Van Der Vaulk hotel, which is the snazziest place I've ever stayed, it's so beautiful :D
My sense of time is kind of fucked up because of my lack of sleep last night, but oh well.
We just ate, I ended up with some dairy but it happens sometimes when I travel, it's kind of hard to stick rigidly to Veganism when you're not so good at the language of the country you're in.

Sooooo for my starter I had tomato soup, main was ricotta ravioli (delicious but a little to creamy for me when I haven't eaten dairy for so long), with an amazing side salad and then for pudding was frozen blackberry cheesecake.


The food was amazing! This place is amazing! I'm watching South Park dubbed into German which is amazingly weird!
Wifi here is free so I should be able to update for most of the week yay!

Anyway I think I've talked enough crap for one day. See you all tomorrow.
Kawaii Desu hugs and sparkles for all!
(meant in jest)

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