Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Angelspit, Newcastle :D

Satan, with his new earthly Master Zoog :)

So I'm currently running solely on tea, I have a flight at 7am, it's 2:37 and Kev has literally just finished packing so I'm sorry if parts of this entry make little or no sense.
Anyhow I digress.

So the Angelspit gig got moved from The Riverside to Legends because of venue issues, the problem was that The Riverside was an all ages venue, but Legends is 18+ and a few tickets had already been sold to under 18s, fortunately Kev and the band managed to organise an all ages meet and greet at Cafe Neon which was awesome because it meant nobody got left out.

We met Zoog outside and sheltered from the rain under a passageway while things were set up, they got caught up in the riots in Manchester the night before and ended up travelling to Newcastle early, arriving there at  5:30am and fortunately managed to get hotel rooms for the night.

So we ate and drank in Cafe Neon, I had these amazing stuffed peppers that for some reason were in tomato soup, sounds random but really worked, I wasn't really in on the meet and greet, I was around the corner with Kev and the merch and bus driver team (I forgot their names but they're super awesome), I kept hearing bits here and there including that Zoog was on the floor at one point (I have no idea why) and a discussion about music that involved Kate Bush!

After the meet and greet was load in, sound check standard pre-giggy fare, I cleaned a mirror that was covered in Cherry Vodka, stepped out of one of my shoes on the floor that REALLY needs cleaning because it's reaching the point where someone is going to leave their whole feet behind soon.
Angelspit have some of the most interesting merch I've seen, it's a really varied spreads, there's standard things like CDs and shirts and stuff, but then there's also mirrors, vinyl jewellery, customisation kits and some of Amelia's make-up line (I bought a really nice coppery coloured eyeshadow and some HUGE false lashes).

They were supported by Surgyn at this gig (and will be supporting them tonight in Glasgow), who had a very interesting sound check (they had myself, Tia, Queenie and Ghost in hysterics at them singing "The Wheels on the bus" and "If you're happy and you know it" with tons of reverb).

The gig itself was pretty amazing, not only was it the best I have seen Angelspit play (this being the third time in just over a year that I've seen them), but also one of the best gigs of any band I have been to recently (and I got to quite a lot of gigs).

There's somewhat of a height difference between Valerie and I!

I have to admit, when I first heard that Angelspit were adding live guitars and drums to their line up I wasn't to keen on the idea, I thought it would detract away from Zoog and Amelia, but actually in practice it complements them perfectly.
Valerie is incredibly good at what she does, and also incredibly bendy, I looked over at one point and she was bent backwards in such a way that my spine made creaking noises just thinking about it.
Matt (who I believe is standing in for Chris Kling just on the UK part of the tour) is also pretty awesome (especially when you consider that the drum kit was one we managed to hire last minute when the drum kit they had been going to use was unavailable).

This isn't what it looks like I swear!

During the encore Kev and Feral started shouting for Wreak Havoc because Feral hadn't ever hear it played live, so Zoog said they'd play it, on the condition that all of the menfolk in the room took of their shirts, so yeah, that's what's going on in that picture up there lol!

So yeah awesome, awesome gig, I could probably say more but my brain has suddenly crashed and wants to sleep (but I can't) so if I missed anything I'll say when I get back.

So yeah I'm off to the land of really nice bread for music (*SQUEE PATRICK WOLF!!!!*), bread, hookah and really nice falafel for a week, see you when I get back :)

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