Monday, 8 August 2011

Sunday Round Up: In which The Pleasures litrally bring the house down!

See that big ol' hole in the ceiling?...Yeah...

This week has been super busy so I'm sorry that I've not had much time to update.
Next week will likely be even busier as we have Angelspit playing on Wednesday and then I'm off to Germany for about a week, but then after that I'll hopefully return to my regular posting schedule :)

So back to the happenings of this week:

Monday: I had a call from someone at Business Link to help me along with my business proposals and see where I was with all of that.

Tuesday and Wednesday: I went through the advice papers she emailed to me and made some amendments to my business plan ready so that when I come back from Germany I can call up The Prince's Trust and then I can meet up with someone and work on the next steps.

Thursday: Mam's day off from work, I went over to visit her and work on my crochet commission.

Friday: Kev and I went for fish pedicures and then headed to Legends to help out before The Pleasures gig (most amusing sound check I've ever sat through!)

The gig itself was great, even better than the first time I saw them in Nottingham last year.
As for the hole in the ceiling?

Well during "Break all the walls down"(I kid you not) a large section of plaster board decided to fall from the ceiling in Legends small room!

Saturday: Penny's Birthday Bash at Charnel House, the theme was Rock and Pop stars past and present, more people seemed to choose past though so there was a rather distinctive wiff of inset spikey gel spray for most of the night!
Anyhow it was a very fun night :)

(posted a day late because I was having posting issues)

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