Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday Feature - The Klockwork Monsta's Underground Lair

Rumour has it that somewhere in the wilds of Northern England lived curious creature known as The Klockwork Monsta.
According to the legends The Klockwork Monsta was very fond of little bottles, and very fond of tiny things and thus began putting tiny things in little bottles.

After extensive searches I found the now infamous Klockwork Monsta in her underground lair.
The jar of Dust Bunnies that followed me home

 Me: What inspired you to start putting things in bottles?

Klockwork Monsta: I wanted to make a stone goblin and he looked cute in a jar, so I decided to make a few more. I wanted to start making specimins in jars but i havent really had time to make any bigger ones yet because of all the little things I found to put in jars.

A giant Dust Bunny...He looks hungry!

The dust bunnies are adorable, do they have have any kind of back story to them?

Dust bunnies: They are small, black as soot and apparently fuzzy, with spherical bodies and two inquisitive eyes. They move by hovering around, but they can extend stick-like legs and arms from their bodies to do certain tasks, and can lift objects many times their own weight. They make a squeaky murmuring sound when excited, and dissolve into powder (soot) if crushed.

A Mysteriously glittery "Drink Me" bottle

It seems a little strange to write "drink me" on a bottle with glitter in it, why did you choose to write that on those bottles rather than the ones filled with something more liquid?

I like glitter and I like sparkles!

But don't stir me...NEVER STIR ME!

What happens if you shake the shake me bottles?

The shake me me bottles have two mini D6 (table top gamer speak for regular six sided dice) dice in them, when you shake them they roll the dice inside the bottle, what happens next is a mystery.

What are you planning to make next?

Next is a secret! (the Monsta paused for a second before adding "all I will say is VAMPIRE HUNTING!" and then she suddenly took off at great speed leaving behind only a jar of Dust Bunnies to show that she had ever been there...

Fortunately if you'd like your very own jar of Dust Bunnies, glitter, dice or even blood (yes you read that right BLOOD MWAHAHAHAHAHA!) you can find The Klockwork Monsta's Underground Lair right here

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