Friday, 18 November 2011

Now that my hair is longer I thought I'd give the hair challenge another go

Day 1: Your hair in it's natural state.
Day 2: Your hair waved
Day 3: Your hair in a Pony Tail
Day 4: Your hair in Pigtails
Day 5: Bubzbeauty inspired updo
Day 6: Your hair back combed
Day 7: Your hair in two English Plaits
Day 8: Your hair in wartime pincurls with a headscarf
Day 9: Your hair in two Rope Braids
Day 10: Fairytale braids
Day 11: Your hair in Big Bouncy Curls
Day 12: A weird 90's hairstlye I never did find the name of.
Day 13: Plaits at the front, backcomb at the back
Day 14: A Hime Hairstyle
Day 15: rag curls
Day 16: Your favourite hair accessories
Day 17: Your favourite hairstyle
Day 18: Your hair with falls
Day 19: Your hair with Princess Leia buns
Day 20: French Plait
Day 21: Miko hair adapted for heat free curls
Day 22: The hairstyle from Bloodmyer's Harijuku Girls video
Day 23: Hizaki hair adapted for heat free curls
Day 24: Bloodmyer's take on Hime Hair, adapted for heat free curls
Day 25: Riku hair- adapted for heat free curls
Day 26: Small "Lady Gaga" bow
Day 27: Mana Moix Dix Mois look hair
Day 28: Mana Malice Mizer look hair
Day 29: The Novella adapted for bumpit
Day 30: Fluffy Pigtails

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